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Welcome to KSduino Project

The project was created to connect your Arduino controllers to the Internet with the Device Network

When you are connected to KSduino you can:

  • send any Parameters of your Controllers to this web server and monitor it in graphic and text mode in real time, see: as example

  • control your devices from this web site, see: code example

  • send information from one connected device to another, see: how to

To connect your device to Internet with the KSduino Device Network:

See additional information about KSduino project:

   * KSduino is Linux C++, PHP, Javascript Application. We used KSNews, RGraph, Jquery,
   * MySQL, Google, Tumblr, Disqus, fancyBox, Doxygen (this is others trademarks), SMF,
   * PhpStorm
   * and our hands to create this site
   * Enjoy! :-)

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